A large white smokestack with Baltimore written on it is silhouetted against a blue sky.
Baltimore’s polluting Wheelabrator trash incinerator

Environment & Sustainability: Protecting Natural Resources

The Scott administration will immediately have the issue of the downtown incinerator at hand, which Young in his final days in office attempted to extend for 10 years. …

Casey Brent, co-chair of the Governance Structure & Operations Committee, (and a coconut) on vacation in Colombia. Please note that COVID does NOT, in fact, do a body good.

Governance Structure & Operations: Rethinking Governmental Operations

This committee appears to be dominated by powerful interests who benefit from the often puzzling and unfriendly nature of the status quo city government.


Promising members:

  • Elizabeth Alex, Chief…
An array of iced gingerbread people on a gray background
Gingerbread cookies in the shape of humans.

Human Services: Prioritizing Our People


Why is Shamoyia Gardiner not on the Education Committee, we wonder? Current Deputy Director of Strong Schools Maryland, Shamoyia Gardiner, is a woman who, after her Bachelor’s degree from University of Florida, chose to serve with AmeriCorps and Teach for America for two years. During that time she was the…

Transportation & Infrastructure: Reinvigorating Our Transportation andInfrastructure


Co-chairs are Liz Cornish of Bikemore and Celeste Chavis, a Transportation professor at Morgan State. Both co-chairs are firmly pro-public transit, bicycling and walking, which is good to see.

Another good selection is Anikwenze Ogbue of the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA), who is also a community leader in NE Baltimore. Plenty of stodgy corporate centrists here as well, but the overall thrust of the committee is more progressive than most. Seemingly no representation from the Maryland Transit Administration (MTA), which runs most public transit in Baltimore City; without state buy-in, it seems dubious that this committee will be able to improve public transit in Baltimore.

Housing & Neighborhood Development: Increasing Access to Affordable Housing

A gif of a white guy in a suit angrily telling another guy “Not great, Bob!”
Yeah Bob, wtf?

Co-chairs are both for-profit real estate guys. There is a heavy slant here towards for-profit development and “nice” nonprofits whose work emphasizes transforming disinvested communities to conform to middle-class tastes rather than empowering and providing housing to those who need it most.


Richard Manekin, Partner at Workshop Development. Richard “Dick”…

This christmas tree has some feelings about the state of support for public education in Baltimore City

Education & Youth Recreation: “Expanding Opportunities for Youth”

This committee is HEAVY on the neoliberal nonprofit educational complex; for example, the Teach For America (TFA) CEO is on the committee. Not nearly enough youth representation. Plenty of City school teachers but seemingly no representation among current Baltimore Teachers Union (BTU) officeholders. Not a lot of Evil Corporate People…

Fiscal Preparedness: “Aligning Resources to Ensure Fiscal Stability and Innovation”

A very fancy gingerbread house with a red door.
This gingerbread family was obviously fiscally prepared.

The Fiscal Preparedness committee has heavy representation from the Nonprofit Industrial Complex (Annie E Casey, Neighborhood Impact Investment Fund, Baltimore Improvement Zones, etc.) and local academia: Three (three!) representatives from Johns Hopkins, and the president of Morgan State. The interests of Capital are spoken for by a representative from the…

Business, Workforce & Neighborhood Development: Strengthening Neighborhoods and Businesses

An array of iced gingerbread people on a gray background

Having a labor guy as co chair is a good sign. Andy Frank (longtime Hopkins/downtown development guy) will likely have plenty of influence, which isn’t great. The nonprofit sector has a heavy Park Heights slant, which makes sense given that Mayor Scott grew up there. They have a lot of…

Public Health & Public Safety


Erricka Bridgeford is currently the Executive Director of Baltimore Community Mediation Center, and co-organizes “Ceasefire” weekends. An authentic community voice on reducing violence without a focus on incarceration.

Daniel Webster is a Bloomberg Professor of American Health, JHU. One of the nation’s leading experts on firearm policy and the prevention…

Baltimore Bern Unit

We are a collective of Baltimore activists who came together to work on the Bernie Sanders campaign. Since then we’ve pivoted to engagement in local politics.

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